General Questions

Recognized as one of the leading self-defense brands in the Philippines. GSafe is dedicated to ensuring everyone's safety. Choosing the right self-defense tools are crucial, as it's a matter of life.

When you choose GSafe, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in your personal security and actively supporting our mission to end violence against women. With GSafe, empower yourself and contribute to a safer community.

NCR (National Capital Region): 2-4 working days

Luzon: 2-4 working days

Visayas: 4-6 working days

Mindanao:4-8 working days

Enjoy free shipping on all orders of P1,200 and above!

2-YEAR WARRANTY: Stand out from the rest with our 2-year warranty on all our products, a promise of our product's superior quality and reliability.

If you believe your GSafe product is not working properly, please send an email to, with the email subject "Warranty Request"--include your Name, Contact Number, Order #, Date of Purchase, and the reason for your return. Our support team is ready to assist you immediately.

Absolutely! For both pepper spray and stun guns, the MRT/LRT authorities require these items to be carried in a pouch. To make things easier for you, we provide a complimentary discreet pouch with every stun gun purchase. This pouch ensures your compliance with MRT/LRT regulations, allowing you to carry these self-defense tools without any hassle. We also offer these discreet pouches for sale separately. Be sure to explore our product range for more details!

GSafe Alarm

Yes! Our personal safety alarms are designed to be extremely loud, emitting 130 decibels to attract immediate attention. This is the maximum legal sound level for a portable alarm, comparable to the sound of a jet engine flying 100 feet above you.

Nope! This is what sets the GSafe Alarm apart from other safety alarms; the alarm pin is not detachable when you activate it, unlike with other alarms. This ensures it won't accidentally fall off and trigger in your bag, on your ID lanyard, or other items. We understand how embarrassing accidental activations can be, and we've designed our alarms to prevent that.

The GSafe Alarm uses 2 AAA batteries, lasting up to 2 years in standby without losing power, and it can operate continuously for more than 3 hours once activated. (FREE Batteries included).

Replacing the batteries is straightforward: simply unscrew the back panel to access them.

With rising crimes in the Philippines, such as rape, assaults, and robberies, carrying a GSafe product is more than just a safety device; you carry peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable form of protection readily available.